How Different Foods Affect Blood Sugar Levels – Compared to Teaspoons of Sugar- LOW CARB DIETING

For people with diabetes, it’s not the carb count of a food that matters most, but how much it affects blood sugar levels. So how bad are different foods compared to, say, spoonfuls of sugar?

Take a look at the picture below.  A serving of potatoes has a similar effect as 8 teaspoons of sugar, and rice is even worse. Meanwhile eggs (a low-carb staple) was like 0 tea spoons.

So what generally happens to the clients that I put on a low-carb diet? My own personal research shows that their body weight, waist circumference and blood glucose all fell while they reported high satisfaction with the diet and more energy.

It’s quite a mystery that the biggest diabetes associations and governments around the world keep recommending starchy and sugary foods as a suitable diet for diabetes and obesity patients.

That being said...low carb diets are very tricky. You can not just deplete all of the carbs from your diet and expect to feel good without knowing how to supplement that deficit. When done correctly it can be highly effective for weight loss as well as regulating blood sugar ! 

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