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About Me

Hey guys! It's me, coach Annie! I'm just a small-town girl who decided to take her love of fitness to another level. Like many of you, I became a mother at a fairly young age. You know how it kind of lose yourself in the process! Our babies are our world! We take care of them, our jobs, our families and just our obligations in life in general and we sometimes forget how important it is to take care of the mommy that is taking care of those babies as well!

This was me in 2005. I was kind of stuck in a "life rut" and wasn't happy with the direction that I was going. I had no self-confidence and no real direction in life.  I decided at that point that I really wanted to refocus my life in a more healthy and fulfilling direction!  I wanted to feel good about self and make a better life for myself and my daughter. I needed to gain back the confidence that I once had and start loving me again!

I completed my degree at UNLV and set a crazy goal of competing in the bikini division in the NPC. I took on a few championship titles and began helping my fellow competitors in the NPC  become National Qualifiers. I discovered quickly that seeing others achieve their goals is what lit my fire! What I discovered by transforming others as well as my body is that the confidence that comes with that can ultimately lead to a level of self-confidence that can affect every aspect of a person's life.

Believing in myself trickled down into my relationships with people, my business ventures and striving for my dreams. I realized at this point the actual POWER of self-confidence. If you have TRUE belief in yourself and your ideas... then you can truly succeed at anything. I then began to expand my Bikini Iron brand into my other DIY. After all the skin that we are in is part of the whole package, isn't it? 

Now we've built an amazing group of women that we call the BIBs ( Bikini Iron Beauties ) headed by my boss beauties Carry Ehrlund and Bailey Bowyer. We gather in my private Facebook group to share about life! We share our stories, workout tips and beauty treatment advise. It's such a fun supportive community! You should probably come join us too!

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