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The key to a successful marriage and business is SUPPORT. One of the many things (besides the obvious ha ha) that made me fall in love with my husband was his supportive nature. His belief in anything and everything that I believe in is what has driven me to push forward and excel.

I decided that I wanted to get back on the stage a few months after giving birth to our daughter. We had planned our wedding in early May. Like most brides to be, I wanted to be a super fit and love all of our wedding photos that will be hanging on our walls for a lifetime! So, with the support of my husband, we started our prep. The baby was so young it was a pretty brutal prep with the gym scheduling and getting in 4 trips to the gym between the two of us daily. The little one not old enough for kiddie care yet. But, we did it! We decided to capture one of our most meaningful competition preps together. We shot at our house one week from the Fresno Classic. This was a couple of weeks before our perfect fairy tale wedding in Puerto Vallarta.  ...and PS, I love the photos!

~photographer Ryan Lazalier

A couple that trains together...stays together!

Lights... camera... action.

Channeling my inner J Lo.

Currently with ball and chain.



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