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Shooting for VizaLab Magazine

This was a super fun edgy shoot for an 8 page fitness layout for VizaLab Magazine. The first location was at an ancient tomb in Roseville, California. It was beautiful. The second location was a friend’s crib.

~photographer Zuez Romo

The cover that I worked on for VIZALAB Magazine with Hunny Buns Fit.

Balcony shot

Location for VIZALAB fitness shoot.

The ancient tomb location for VIZALAB Magazine shoot.

Spread in VIZALAB Magazine

VIZALAB Magazine

VIZALAB Magazine

Zuez Romo shooting

Nature pixie vibe.

Test shooting

Michelle Fisher , MUA for the day.


"How I got my big break in the fitness industry" article for VIZALAB Magazine

Bikini Iron Booty Blast Workout in VIZALAB Magazine

Because Im an artist first.

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