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Bikini Iron Beauty Clients

CLIENT- Rachelle Jones

"Im super happy with the progress I've made so far! I fee so great everyday, I've got tons of energy, I'm pushing hevier weight, I sleep well at night and I feel like the best me yet! Thank you for another great challenge." ~ Rachelle

~Melinda J

"I will wear shorts this summer!! It's been 5 years since I have worn them in public and even wround CJ. I used to take my progress pics but this time I allowed CJ to take my after pics. I feel proud! I have to give you props for helping me."

That’s that #Bikinironfitness good stuff💪🏾 So proud of my girls 🙌🏾🤗 #clientprogress #hardwork #

"It's just those last stubborn 10 lbs that would not come off. I didnt know what I was doing wrong! I never would have guessed that I was not eating enough for my body! Thanks coach for showing me the way, and letting me feed my face more. I feel tighter and leaner than ever!" ~Joseline

Craaaaaazy what we are capable of if we convince ourselves that we’re worth it 💪🏾

"I was working out every damn day and eating what I thought was healthy and just not making any improvement whatsoever. I wanted to feel hot and sexy and confident again after having a baby. Coach Annie showed me exactly what I needed to change and exactly what I needed to do to get back to that point. Once I started her program the results were FAST. Had known I would have contacted her 2 years ago and saved myself the guesswork and wasted time. I feel amazing."

So tomorrow is kinda our anniversary!😍❤️ Happy anniversary _mdjaco lol

"I didnt think I had it in me to stick to something and make actual progress that people would notice! Thank you soooooo much Annie. Your knowledge and no excuses type coaching has changed my life." ~ Emily

"Thanks for putting up with my whining last week lady! I was having a moment. Down % lbs this week already! I will send pics tonight. Have a ways to go but i can tell a HUGE difference already. This is amazing!" ~Ryann

"Holy smokes, I am over the moon at these results! Exactly 90 days from my baseline test, I gained 4.8 lbs of muscle! In a calorie deficit! @annielewisonline is a magician with nutrition and training! Metabolism is powerful when its trained through disciplined nutrition and resistance training. It blasted off 12 lbs of fat in 90 days!" ~Danelle

"I want to thank you for bringing me back to life. You have taught me to keep setting the bar high on my goals ans keep going. Mind you...we are over 1700 miles away and you heve helped me be me and achieve the main goal to lose weight! and its not coming back! I feel that I have gained the best gift in the world and that is you as my trainer. I am honored to be your client and now friend. Thank you- nothing in the world can replace the gifts you have given me!" love ya to bits, Nich

My own personal transformation. My start pic was taken the day after giving birth to my second daughter. The after pic was 6 months after that. I dedicated myself to my Bikini Iron Program 12 weeks after I gave birth.

"I'm seeing a big difference in my jeans. My muffin top is way smaller over my jeans. I can almost wear a regular t shirt without feeling self conscious." ~Erma

"Just wanted to say you are freaking awesome:) Your postitive way of coaching and attitude keeps me going and wanting better progress pics each week.Thank you so much. I know I have a long was to go, but you have already helped change my life! You are by far the best coach Ive ever worked with." ~Kaleigh

"I finally fit into a size 4 dress with no stretch in the fabric! It fits! I used to be a 8 about 3 months ago! Im surprised at how small my waist looks. All thanks to your plan." ~Diana

"Haha, yes of course. I ain't ashamed of what I worked so hard for! So disgusted at how much I let myself go. Holy ballsacks! Your'e a Godsend!" ~Bianca

"Awesome!! Thank you for your life changing help!" ~Emily

Okay Ms. Lewis! I had to write and ask you about this voodoo diet that you have me on. This shit is working! I started on Monday and I've already lost 5 lbs! Honestly I cant believe it. I've tried everything and I mean everything! I'm actually eating AND I'm losing weight? I'm so happy! I gt compliments everyday. Of course I tell them about you! I'm so glad I found you! xoxo" ~Deborah

"Its so exciting! What I thought I couldn't do and then I'm able to! Also, my booty has improved so much. Yay! My body is impressing me every week! :) " ~ Melissa

"See this is why I am glad that you are my coach! The way you say things always snaps me back in line. My last coach just didn't have as much of an impact. I think it's because youre a female , you understand how my brain works. And another half a kilo lost this morning! 58.4. That's 8 days and 4 kilos! I'm so so happy! :)" ~Kahlia

"I can see ahuge difference! My butt is was more round and firm, my legs dont have cellulite on them anymore, hammys and quads are showing up too! I love it! Thank you for everything! It's been a great 12 weeks! I've accomplished a lot with your guidance! I'm going to keep on going with your program and continue to set goals!" ~Rachelle

"I'm seeing a big difference in my jeans. My muffin top is way smaller over my jeans. I can almost wear a regular t shirt without feeling self conscious." ~Erma

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