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  • I’ve signed up to BIBA, what happens next?
    Welcome to the family! Bailey or Carrey will reach out to you via email to start the process of verifying your identity. Keep an eye on your spam folder if you don’t hear from them!
  • I can’t find the BIBA group on the app. Where is it?
    Bikini Iron Beauty does not have an app for the Advanced group. Once we verify your ID, you will be given access to a private Facebook Page where you can access all the content and meet the rest of the family.
  • Do I need to have a Facebook account to access BIBA?
    Yes, you will need a Facebook account to be able to access all the online modules.
  • I can’t remember my password to Facebook. Can you reset this for me?
    No. This is a breach of your personal security, we do not have access to reset your Facebook password.
  • How do you verify my account?
    In order to keep everyone safe we need to make sure that the person requesting access to the group is a real person. This is why we request a copy of your photo ID. We will validate your ID against your Facebook account.
  • I have created a new Facebook account just so I can access BIBA. How would you verify me?
    In this instance, where we don’t have any social media history to cross check, we will ask you for additional forms of ID.
  • Why do I have to supply photo ID?
    There are two things that we are very serious about, keeping our members safe and DIY safety. We request people to supply photo ID so that we can ensure the person signing up is a real person and not a fake or creeper. We share personal photos and stories about our DIY journey and want everyone to feel safe. As part of our terms and conditions, if you refuse to provide photo ID, then unfortunately, we cannot grant you access to the group.
  • My credit card is about to expire and I don’t want to lose access to the group. How can I update it?
    All payments are processed via Paypal. Jump into your paypal account and you can update your credit card there. As much as we love that you trust us, please dont send us your credit card details as we cannot process this on your behalf. This is for your financial security and ours.
  • Where can I find all the exclusive BIBA discount codes?
    All the discount codes are located within each guide. You can find the exclusive BIBA only discount codes in the For BIBAs Eyes Only Guide.
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